5 Most Ridiculous Blockchain Use Cases

5 Most Ridiculous Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain implementation is helping many companies to simplify and speed up their work, as well as reduce costs. But not in these cases.

Today, there are more than 11 thousand different cryptocurrencies in the world, and every day it becomes more difficult to find an industry that blockchain has not yet reached.

Indeed, over the past year, we have repeatedly witnessed attempts by ambitious (even over-the-top) entrepreneurs to integrate blockchain into everything they can, from board games and turning cheap chemicals into gold to porn sites and celebrity shopping in CryptoCelebrities.

The Next Web spoke with blockchain experts at the TNW conference in Amsterdam and asked them to recall the most ridiculous use cases of distributed ledger technology. Here are the most striking examples.

Ice Tea

“The funniest blockchain incident in the last five years happened with Long Island Ice Tea. The company manufactures and markets soft drinks. Suddenly, she decided to change the name to Long Blockchain. After that, in just a day, the value of its shares jumped by 289%.

They didn't even try to implement the technology - they just said they were interested in it and were considering possible ways to use it. But this case perfectly demonstrates the fever that has gripped the world associated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies: simply adding the word “blockchain” to the name can lead to a tripling of the value of the company's shares. "

Your banking history

“One bank - I won't say which one - decided to put all publicly available data on the blockchain in order to use it from different applications. In essence, this means that the entire banking history will be on the blockchain and will be open to anyone. In my opinion, this is a rather outrageous case. "

Token that helps to deal with experiences

“The funniest case that comes to my mind is FUCK tokens. In essence, the project is a community that supports the participants in the fight against problems in their personal life (whatever they may be). The basic idea is that today people do not notice other people's troubles. To show your friends that you care about them and empathize with them, you send them a couple of FUCK tokens, offering to “spit and not bathe” - in other words, ignore the problem. Does a friend have difficulty in family life? Give him a couple of FUCK's and watch him break into a smile. Thousands of such tokens change hands every minute. That's the whole project. "

Job / Employee search

“There are many platforms to help you find the perfect job. But the problem is that they are not free - their services are paid for with cryptocurrency. The idea is that you have to pay to see jobs, jobseeker profiles or post your resume. "

Decentralized nature

“One company is developing technology to put a cryptocurrency wallet in a growing tree. As a result, the tree will be connected to the blockchain. With built-in sensors, it will be able to detect passers-by and charge them for the oxygen they consume.

This is one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard of, but the main thing is that it is quite possible to implement it. In a way, I'm impressed with this concept. "