Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

Currently, there are many ways to use the computing power of a computer to mine cryptocurrencies. One of the most affordable ways to mine cryptocurrency assets that does not require special tricks on the part of the user is browser mining.

Let's try to figure out how profitable is browser mining of cryptocurrency today and how to carry it out.

What is browser mining?

Browser mining (browsermine) is one of the methods of mining cryptocurrencies, in which special codes are used, usually written in the JavaScript programming language, which work through the user's Internet browser.

Due to the fact that this type of mining does not bring a lot of income due to the inefficient use of computing resources, fraudsters often engage in browser mining, using the resources of ordinary Internet users to enrich themselves. This is done by covertly introducing special code into Internet pages that ordinary users visit, or by embedding add-ons for mining cryptocurrencies in their browsers.

It is impossible to mine bitcoin using browser mining directly due to the high complexity of its mining, but altcoins can be mined, which can then be exchanged for bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, there are special browser mining sites that allow you to use the available processor resources to mine their tokens, which can then theoretically be exchanged for a more convertible cryptocurrency or regular money.

Types of mining in the browser, how not to get caught by the virus

There are two main methods of mining in the browser, which can be used either with the knowledge of the user or secretly:

  1. Launching a browser add-on / plugin configured to mine a specific cryptocurrency.
  2. Opening a page in an Internet browser with the mining code embedded in it.

In order for hackers to generate tangible income, they need to create large networks of hidden miners, which are called botnets. The distribution mechanism of such miners is identical to those used for computer viruses. It includes the following methods:

  • Installation of hidden miners by persons with physical access to victims' computers;
  • Distribution of miner viruses through sites with dubious content, pirated programs from which users download programs themselves and, along the way, install hidden miners with the program they need;
  • Attacks on computers and other equipment with computing power by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system, installed programs and hardware;
  • Using the victim's computing resources while browsing infected pages via an Internet browser.

As a rule, modern Internet browsers and antiviruses have built-in protection against hidden miners, but advanced hacker programs can bypass it. And if the computer has physical access, then an attacker can easily disable protection manually.

Let's consider in more detail the methods of legal implementation of browser mining, which in English is called webmining.

Mining sites

There are a number of resources offering mining services using browsers, which, as a rule, require a registration procedure associated with entering an email address, creating a username and password. When using such sites, you must carefully read the conditions for mining cryptocurrency, in particular with the lower threshold for its withdrawal. As a rule, in order to reach this threshold, it is necessary to carry out browser mining for a very long time, which minimizes the reality of earnings in this way.

The best browser mining sites can be selected by studying reviews of their work on third-party resources. It should be understood that such resources can be paid for by the owners of such sites.

An attempt to access browser mining sites can be blocked by an Internet browser with hidden mining protection enabled, antivirus and an Internet provider. This protection can be bypassed in various ways, for example, using the Tor browser.Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

Mining browser extensions

A more advanced way of browser mining is to use special add-ons and extensions that can carry out this process more efficiently. When installing such add-ons, you need to understand that there is no guarantee that they do not contain spyware that can transmit confidential information to attackers. In this regard, at present, there are practically no official extensions for mining cryptocurrencies for browsers. If the Internet offers to download such an extension, then most likely it contains a Trojan and, in addition to dubious mining in the browser, will successfully steal information from the victim's computer.

What you need to know about browser mining

The most common sites that provide services for browser mining of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online today are the following:Current resources for mining in the browser 2021


The Webmining site allows browser mining of WMC (WebMiningCoin) tokens on the processor. It has a web interface where you can select the mining power in percentages from 10% to 100%, the number of processor threads (cores) (1 or 2) involved in mining.

The site has an affiliate program that works on the principle of a network structure and allows you to receive up to 60% of the profits of attracted participants. The site has its own Telegram channel at The site is blocked by most browsers.

The mining of cryptocurrency on this site has the following features:

  • mining is done by calculating WMH (WebMiningHash) in the browser and sending them to the server, where they are converted into own WMC tokens;
  • earnings countdown begins after sending at least 1000 WMH, you can view the updated balance on the site every 30 minutes;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 ruble at the exchange rate;
  • withdrawal of funds is available after registration and is made to the Payeer electronic wallet ( with a commission of 0,95%;
  • on an Intel7-8700K 3,7 GHz processor on two threads at 50% load, the mining speed is about 10 WMH / sec;
  • at present, the minimum payment threshold is about 0,000644791055 WMC at a rate of 1 WMC = 1550,89 rubles.

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

The mining of cryptocurrency on this site has the following features:

  • browser mining of Monero on the processor is available;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 0,05 rubles at the exchange rate;
  • there is an affiliate program with a maximum deduction of 14% of the earnings of partners;
  • mining is available only after user registration;
  • withdrawal of funds is possible to, Qiwi, phones of Russian operators, WebMoney and Payeer;
  • the site has the ability to download applications for mining on a processor or video card on the site's own pool of Monero and Ethereum cryptocurrencies (only with video cards from 3 gigabytes of memory).

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021


Getcryptotab offers services for browser mining of bitcoins on a processor through the CryptoTab plugin or simply on the website Mining of Monero is practically carried out with the conversion of mined coins into bitcoins.

This site also offers its own CryptoTab browser for download for various platforms, which gives 8 times faster mining speed and allows you to mine bitcoins with normal Internet surfing.

It has the following features:

  • there is a 10-level referral program;
  • in the browser window, you can turn off mining and adjust its speed;
  • payments are made to a bitcoin wallet;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 0,0004 BTC;
  • when installing the CryptoSearch application, the payout threshold is reduced to 0,00001 BTC;

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021


The site is blocked by most browsers.

It has the following features:

  • Browsermine allows browser mining on the BMC internal cryptocurrency processor (BrowserMineCoin);
  • the site has its own applications for mining on the processor and video card available for download;
  • it is possible to exchange BMC for QIWI, Yandex.Money, Payeer, AdvCash, VISA or MasterCard;
  • registration is required to start mining;
  • the site has a referral program;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BMC;
  • current rate - 1 BMC / 109.93 USD;
  • the platform offers scripts to embed its code into sites.

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021


This site allows browser mining on the processor of their internal JSE cryptocurrency.

It has the following features:

  • the site has a referral program;
  • mining is available only after user registration;
  • after registration, the user is given a 0,12 JSE bonus;
  • the developers plan to make the platform compatible with Ethereum ERC20 tokens;
  • JSE tokens are currently only held in the online wallet on the JSEcoin website;
  • JSE exchange for other currencies will be available in 2018 after the ICO;
  • the platform offers scripts to embed its code into sites.

Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

This site allows for browser mining of Dogecoin on a processor. It can be blocked by individual browsers.

It has the following features:

  • the site has a referral program;
  • mining requires user registration, after which the user receives links for browser mining at 25 and 60% of the processor's power;
  • the minimum withdrawal threshold is 100 coins;
  • it is possible to download special software for mining;
  • the platform offers scripts to embed its code into sites.

Mining browser extensions

Currently, browser mining of cryptocurrency using extensions has practically ceased to exist due to the fact that most browser developers have begun to block such programs. Google has banned mining extensions in its Chrome browser since 2018. Previously, the MinerGate and AutoFaucets extensions were quite popular, which currently do not allow mining in the browser.


This site is a pool for mining many cryptocurrencies. Previously, it was possible to download an extension from this site for mining cryptocurrencies. There is currently an extension for the Chrome browser that provides a user-friendly interface for accessing the pool. The browser mining function is no longer in it.


The site offers a plugin for downloading that collects cryptocurrencies from various cryptocurrency "faucets". It does not contain browser mining functions.Current resources for mining in the browser 2021

Pros and cons of browser mining

Mining using a browser cannot bring a lot of income due to the fact that it is impossible to fully realize the potential of the equipment available on a computer through Internet browsers. Browser mining is practically carried out only on processors, which, even with traditional mining methods, do not give much income.

Browser mining on a video card is theoretically possible, but it cannot be effective, therefore this type of mining of cryptocurrencies practically does not exist.

When using scripts in browsers to mine cryptocurrencies, much more electricity is used per unit of computing power than when mining with special programs.

In addition, the user can in no way control the work actually performed by him. The site used for browser mining can draw any numbers. unrelated to reality. Therefore, for mining cryptocurrencies, it is better to use specialized programs, and not add-ons over browsers or sites for browser mining.

However, sometimes a user wants to try browser mining for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • studying the technology of browser mining;
  • the desire to get some new coin that can be easily mined in the browser;
  • measuring the speed of the computer;
  • development of protection mechanisms against unauthorized browser mining.


Despite the fact that browser mining is unprofitable, it can be used by novice miners to study the process of mining cryptocurrencies, accumulate new knowledge, and also to better understand how to better protect against unauthorized use of their computer by hackers.