Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

The profitability of crypto mining depends not only on the computing power of the equipment. The GPU farm owner needs to optimize the mining process. And here a lot depends on the operating system.

Novice miners usually use Windows, it is a fairly simple and convenient platform with a wide range of supported software and a user-friendly graphical interface. If a miner has one small rig and is constantly at home, then he seems to be fine.

However, in fact, Windows is not the most optimal, although not the worst, version of the mining operating system. At least when compared with the usual LINUX, on the basis of which it is more difficult to launch the mining of digital coins. However, why bother yourself, there are ready-made versions of Linux, sharpened specifically for mining.

Probably all users who are in the slightest degree interested in crypto mining have heard about the operating system Hive OS... It is the best Ubuntu based mining operating system. But there are many alternatives. The topic of our today's review is the analogs of Hive OS, their features and advantages.

Linux operating systems

Is it worth switching to Linux? At first glance, it seems that no. It is easier to work with Windows, almost all crypto-mining utilities and electronic wallets are produced for it. And if you do not pay attention to the fact that the lion's share of copies of the operating system from Microsoft are pirated, then everything is fine.

Best operating system

NamePositive sidesDisadvantagesPrice
Hive OSEasy launch and setup, intuitive interface. Decent set of coins and supported miners. Regular updates. Rig control using a mobile app. Custom firmware for ASIKs.There is none of them. The only thing worth noting is the quick failure of the media if you work from a flash drive. Therefore, it is recommended to use an SSD or HDD.You can run a maximum of 4 mining farms for free, regardless of the number of cards in each of them (for 1 ETH / ETC farm). If you pay more farms 3 $ per month, if you mine on the HiveON pool, you will not be charged.
RaveOSEasy installation using a worker token. Convenience of setting up and controlling equipment. Mobile app and email notifications. Custom software for ASIC miners.Some users complain about crashes and frequent reboots. The free version is limited in functionality.One farm is free, from 2 to 100 $ 2 per month for one farm, regardless of the number of devices in each of them.
SimpleMiningAn advanced mining software similar to Nicehashminer in many ways. Works on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu. Automatically switches to the most favorable currency.The minimum withdrawal threshold is 0,002 BTC ($ 116).Free.
Cudo minerCompatible with any video card. User-friendly interface and responsive support service.The official support works only in English.The first 30 days are free, then $ 2 for the rig.

Hive OS

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

Hive OS is a versatile, secure and stable cryptocurrency mining platform. It is based on the Linux Ubuntu distribution. The system supports mining on ASICs, GPU rigs and CPUs. Hive OS has its own pool where you can mine ETH and ETC (many other pools are also supported). In addition, the platform offers custom firmware for ASICs - Hiveon ASIC. 


  • Bulk worker management;
  • Remote management of workers;
  • Monitoring of hash rate, power consumption, temperature, statuses and errors of miners, etc .;
  • Temperature and hash rate controllers;
  • Autofan function provides automatic temperature control;
  • The ability to overclock rigs;
  • The ability to combine AMD and NVIDIA cards in one rig;
  • Switching between flight lists (different combinations of pools, wallets, miners and coins) takes only a couple of seconds;
  • Regular update of the list of miners;
  • Telegram or Discord notifications;
  • There is a mobile application;
  • Easy to install, configure and use - you don't need any programming skills or experience to use Hive OS;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Hiveon ASIC firmware users can use Hive OS for free.


  • The Hive OS mobile app is convenient, but slightly different from the web version - not all features are available.

Rave OS

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

Rave OS also supports mining on ASICs, rigs and CPUs.

You can manage 1 worker with any number of GPUs for free. The functionality of the system will be limited: the Grant access function is not available, statistics are stored for 3 days (electricity report, Notifications)

Let's take a closer look at its pros and cons:


  • The ability to overclock video cards;
  • Ability to use templates for quick and easy customization;
  • The ability to combine devices into groups for easier management;
  • Monitoring of temperature, power consumption, fan speed, etc .;
  • Overclocking capability;
  • One-click configuration of popular pools;
  • Notifications.


  • If you have more than one active worker in your account on any of the pools (except 2miners), you automatically become a paid user.
  • The free version is limited in functionality.


Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

SimpleMining is a platform for GPU rig owners. The system works only with AMD and NVIDIA video cards, mining on ASIKs is not supported. 


  • Overclocking and downvolting functions;
  • The ability to perform actions in bulk;
  • Lots of miners to choose from, plus the ability to add a custom miner;
  • Monitoring of hash rate, temperature, etc .;
  • Statistics graphs;
  • Telegram notifications;
  • Remote access capability;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Round the clock support.


  • Not suitable for ASIK mining;
  • You cannot combine AMD and NVIDIA cards in the same rig.

Cudo miner

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

Cudo Miner is another platform dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and CudoOS. Cudo Miner allows you to mine on ASICs, GPUs and CPUs.


  • Ease of use;
  • Automatic switching between coins;
  • Overclocking function;
  • Remote control capability;
  • Possibility of custom settings;
  • Automatic mining capability;
  • Monitoring of hash rate, temperature and other indicators.


  • At the moment (April 2021), the platform only supports two ASIK models: Antminer S9 and Antminer T17;
  • The commission depends on the amount of cryptocurrency that you have mined in the last 30 days.

How do I choose software?

When choosing software, first of all focus on your own needs and hardware - the platform must be compatible with your current devices. However, a more effective choice would be a universal platform compatible with both rigs and ASIKs. This way, if your farm consists of two types of devices, you do not have to purchase two separate systems.

Universal software will fit your entire farm (remember to make sure your graphics card or ASIC models are on the list of supported hardware). Beyond that, consider the features of the software and its cost.

Each platform mentioned in this article has its pros and cons, but Hive OS seems to be the most versatile and convenient option. The system is suitable for both rigs and ASICs, and allows you to combine AMD and NVIDIA cards in one rig. In addition, it has many useful features, and their list is regularly updated.

The main differences from Windows

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

At first glance, Windows is easier to use than Hive OS and others. But that's only if you have a budget rig next to the bed or in the next room. But if the farm is in a separate non-residential building. Imagine that, waking up on one cold January night, using a mobile monitoring application, you find that the hash rate has dropped to zero, or you urgently need to switch to another, profitable coin.

Those who use Windows will have to get dressed and stomp into the garage in a thirty-degree frost. Of course, software for remote control on windows has been developed, but it is paid, difficult to set up and released by third-party developers. But if a hive or another axis is installed, you can restart the rig without getting out of bed. Better yet, enable Hashrate Watchdog, if the hashrate drops, the utility will overload the miner or rig. Linux-based mining platforms are able to:

  • Change crypto-mining utilities and algorithms remotely and immediately, without waiting for the OS to restart.
  • Work not only from a hard drive or SSD, but also from a USB flash drive.
  • Connect more than 10 graphics adapters to one farm.
  • Manage GPU or ASICS devices in one panel.

And most importantly, Hive OS and other Linuxoids are stress-resistant, which means that the farm will bring more profit, because it will not be idle. The developers are constantly improving and updating the operating system, and the fees are not that high.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hive OS analogues, their features and advantages: top-4

By separating the system kernel from the installed programs, Linux is more stable and practically unkillable. Applications interact with the kernel using protocols and the failure of one application does not affect the overall functionality of the system.

In addition, Linux is much more flexible. A whole army of enthusiasts is working on finding and fixing flaws in Linux applications. Every trained programmer can prepare and implement his own Linux modification. Therefore, there are so many versions of specialized miner operating systems.

If you are using Linux, then you do not care about the licensing issue. All distributions are freely available. Most mining assemblies are shareware too. They don't take money from small miners at all, you need to pay only for connecting several farms.

Remote monitoring and control of the rig is much easier on Linux. You can quickly intervene in the process of crypto mining, being tens of kilometers from the mining installation, having received a notification on one of the messengers of your smartphone.

If you get a motherboard with the required number of PCIE slots, you can build a mega-rig for 12 cards... On Windows, such a combine will not work.

The disadvantage of working on Linux is the need for a preliminary study of the functionality. You need to understand the features of the platform and only then install programs and launch a mining farm. Please note that Linux does not tolerate sloppy hardware assembly, a poorly connected contact or other similar bug here will immediately cause a problem. Well, as for the selection of software, then, as we have already said, it is easier to download and install a ready-made operating system with a set of embedded programs.


The cryptoindustry continues to develop at a rapid pace, the rate of popular coins and altcoins of the second tier is growing. New blockchain projects and mining software appear.

But government agencies are not asleep and are persistently trying to establish control over this segment of the market. Miners using Linux-based operating systems are insured against piracy charges. Master Hive not that difficult. Try it and don't want to go back to Windows. Happy mining!