Farm, wallet and data storage security

Farm, wallet and data storage security

Farm safety

At this level, we can protect ourselves by administering the system installed on the farm.

  • In most cases, the installed version of Windows 10, version 1703 or higher will be enough ...
  • Use TeamViewer for remote access;
  • Don't share shared folders;
  • Install applications only from official sources;
  • Create a restore point using Acronis.

If this is not enough, then you can configure system services, create several users with limited rights, fine-tune the system, or host a farm based on Linux distributions, in which case the security level of the farm will be the highest.

ethOS Mining OS

ethOS Mining OS

You can also use a ready-made distribution kit for Linux.

Official Site -

Can be bought with Bitcoin, one license for one farm costs 39 USD.

Also, in addition to security, the advantages of using Linux include:

  • support for up to 10 AMD video cards, RX series on the z170 / z270 chipset and AMD AM4 platforms;
  • remote management and configuration of the farm;
  • quick start;
  • small size of the distribution kit, a 16 GB flash drive is suitable.

Wallet security

Wallets are online and offline for bitcoins, for other currencies they can only be online.

If the mined funds are transferred to bitcoin, then you can use the offline version of the wallet for storage, but this is not always convenient, since you will have to download all the blocks, which will take about 100 GB and more, of free disk space. Use such a solution only if you are completely paranoid or the storage amounts are tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Bitcoin Core

Link -

The original Bitcoin wallet from the legendary Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The only wallet officially supported and constantly updated by the professional Bitcoin community that stores the entire Bitcoin base on your computer and automatically maintains the network. The first synchronization takes a long time.


Link -

Developed in 2011 by Bitcoin Solutions, it consumes significantly less resources. Will be able to create a bitcoin wallet within a few minutes - fast synchronization.


Link -

It is installed only on top of a heavy original wallet and serves to expand its capabilities, first of all - cold storage of money, the highest confidentiality of use and a multi-level distribution of rights to use funds.

For all other purposes, use online wallets.

Modern services provide reliable levels of protection, two-factor authentication and other checks that meet the highest security standards, the only drawback in this case is storing the wallet, de facto on a third-party service.


Link -


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Data storage security

You can have several accounts with wallets, accounts on different services, many logins and passwords. In this case, I recommend using data storage software.

SafeInCloud Password Manager

Link -


  • available for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac and Windows;
  • free PC application;
  • Strong encryption - Data is always encrypted on the device and in the cloud with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption.
  • synchronization with the cloud - the database is automatically synchronized with your own account in the cloud Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Drive or OneDrive;
  • automatic data import - easily restore the entire database from the cloud to a new computer or phone (in case of loss or update).

Sticky Password

Link -

Shareware, the free version lacks synchronization and saving copies in the cloud.

  • available for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac and Windows;
  • PC application;
  • strong encryption AES-256;
  • backups.