EthMiner: Features - Download and Install - How to set up

EthMiner: Features - Download and Install - How to Configure

EthMiner - this miner program was developed for mining ETH on the latest generations of Nvidia cards, since only they are able to work productively at the level of red cards.

At the time of this writing, the GTX 1060 cards show the highest performance after simple settings.

The software is a console version, that is, it does not have a graphical shell and management tools.


Supports both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards

Open source

Download Ethminer v0.19.0

Download Ethminer please follow the link below.

How to get ether on your own at home?

  1. You need to have a modern computer at home with all the necessary characteristics. It is very important that the computer has a powerful graphics card.
  2. If you have dealt with the computer, then now we begin to assemble our farm for mining. This is where you need cash. You have to buy new equipment, pay for all electricity.
    In addition, you must absolutely know all the features of your computer, in simple words - understand the hardware. But the advantage of this business is that you do not need to share your earnings with anyone.

Setting up ETH Miner

It does not present any particular difficulties, since there are no fundamental differences in the process of mining cryptocurrencies on console miner programs. You do not need to change the files downloaded to get started. We need to create a new document, which will be assigned the * bat extension. This file will launch the entire process according to the parameters specified in it.

EthMiner: Features - Download and Install - How to Configure

Next, we indicate the control line that starts the process.
It looks like this:

After the command to start the application, a letter is indicated that determines the Eth Miner to which type of equipment to apply.

  • G - work with GPU (graphics processors that support OpenGL). This parameter does not make a difference between AMD and NVidia, therefore it is specified in most ready-made solutions.
  • — С - an instruction to access the CPU (Processor Computing Power). Ethereum is not mined using this method, as the hash rate is negligible.
  • U - since EtMiner is focused on working with NVidia cards to a greater extent, the developers have introduced a separate parameter for it that addresses the CUDA kernels at startup.
  • Variable F precedes the indication of a link to the pool selected for mining.

In the pool address, after the colon, there is a port through which the equipment will receive a connection to the node.

This port must be open when checking.

Do not use the ports occupied by the operating system or large gaming portals for online games, choose an arbitrary number after the mark: 5000.

After editing the file, save it and start the process.

First, large DAG files will be created, after which the process will come to work.

System requirements to run

Video Cards

The program works on all video card architectures: Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal and Turing.

Ethereum mining requires at least 4 GB of video memory.

Driver requirements

  • NVIDIA driver 376.51 or newer for version compiled with cuda 8.0 (Windows).
  • NVIDIA driver 398.26 or newer for version compiled with cuda 9.1 (Windows).
  • NVIDIA driver 411.31 or newer for version compiled with cuda 10.0 (Windows).
  • AMD drivers - "Adrenalin 18.6.1" recommended

Operating Systems (x64)

The program was compiled using cuda 8.0, 9.1 and cuda 10.0 for Linux and Windows.

Configuring the .bat file

  1. ethminer.exe - this command indicates the application that will be launched for mining.
  2. stratum1 + tcp: // - specify the type of protocol for connecting to the pool.
  3. 0x360d6f9efea21c82d341504366fd1c2eeea8fa9d - having indicated the type of protocol, we write “our address” of the mined coin.
  4. .rig1 - after the address we put a dot and indicate the identifier of our farm (any, to track statistics on pools).
  5. - after specifying the identifier, put the "@" sign and indicate the address of the pool.
  6. :9999 - after the address of the pool, put a colon and write the port of the pool.