Fixing video card error code 43 in mining

Fixing video card error code 43 in mining

If you find errors related to the video card during mining, you need to find an operational solution so as not to waste time that can be spent on mining. The most common mistake is 43, which can be solved by fairly simple methods ...

Hello everyone, dear readers. As you can imagine, sometimes a lot of troubles associated with errors of various kinds can occur during mining. Today we will talk about error 43, which has a characteristic description, and it sounds like this: "This device was stopped because it reported a problem."

If you have such an error names, then most likely the problem is associated with such a situation when the driver informs the windows operating system that this device is not working correctly. Thus, you need to understand that it is the equipment or the virtual machine on which you actually plan or are already mining cryptocurrencies and altcoins that is said about the malfunction. In addition to hardware failure, there may be improper installation and operation of drivers and software drivers. This is what our article will be about.

Error while modifying BIOS or overclocking cards.

If suddenly you at some point were engaged in flashing the BIOS on your own video card, then almost always an error occurs, primarily related to driver signature problems. A patch specialized for this case will help to restore everything, which can be installed by following these steps:

  • Download a special program called AMD / ATI Pixel Clock Patcher, where the latest version is 1.4.6.
  • Unzip the file you downloaded and run the file called atikmdag-patcher.exe.
  • After you find all the restrictions (this is done in the dialog box labeled "found" opposite each item you need) and click on the "Yes" button.
  • After completing the steps, reboot the system.
Fixing video card error code 43 in mining

Unexpected software failure.

If suddenly you did not perform any actions to change the video card, then most likely this is a banal operational software failure. This error can be corrected by using an interesting feature on windows, namely "Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter". If this does not help, then roll back the drivers, especially if there were no problems with the video card before.

Fixing video card error code 43 in mining

Another good option is to completely reinstall the driver.

  • To do this, at the very beginning, you need to remove the old driver, as well as the entries stored in the registry. In addition, you need to delete files, as well as folders and registration keys.
  • After that, install the mining drivers again. To do this, you should tell one program that can help with removing old drivers and other files that have not been removed manually. The program is called Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU).
  • Before using the program, you should completely turn off the Internet so that special Windows services do not reinstall the file again without confirmation.
  • After that, we launch the program, having previously switched to "Safe Mode". Removal of course can be done in normal mode, but it's better to use Safe Mode for more confidence.
  • We reboot the operating system, after which we download special drivers for mining and install them on your PC.
  • We reboot again, after which your drivers will be successfully installed.

Failure of existing equipment.

Fixing video card error code 43 in mining

Well, if nothing could help you, then your computer goes straight to the service center, with suspicion of a hardware malfunction. The output will be device diagnostics with its subsequent upgrade or replacement of some parts.