How to choose the right power supply for mining in 2021-2022

How to choose the right power supply for mining in 2021-2022

The power supply for mining is extremely important, since it largely determines how reliable the mining process itself will be. The power supply unit has increased requirements for energy efficiency and stability. Before connecting a mining farm, you need to know some of the nuances of choosing such equipment. 

Tips for choosing a power supply for mining

To choose the right power supply, it is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances.

The power supply must have a high efficiency. The best choice is a power supply that has a gold, bronze energy efficiency certificate. Why is it important? This indicator indicates that the unit will not spend a significant amount of electrical energy, provides a small heat emission from the unit. This is especially beneficial when summer comes.

A power supply unit with a high efficiency has a more reliable and perfect circuitry. Accordingly, the service life is longer.

It is important to pay attention to power. Famous brands indicate full power based on the fact that the power supplies will be switched off regularly. Therefore, the permissible load on the unit will be no more than 80 percent of its capacity. Moreover, this applies only to well-known brands. Little-known companies supplying power supplies can provide no more than 60% of the power. 

Proceeding from this, the brand awareness is the criterion for choosing a power supply unit.

It is also worth paying attention to the noise level when choosing a unit. It's good if the power supply for mining has a low noise level. When choosing a device, you should focus on equipment with coolers of less than 120 millimeters and having bearings.

A good power supply should have built-in protection against short circuit, overheating, surge overload. It is recommended to purchase equipment that has the maximum set of protection methods. This allows you to reduce the cost of repairing equipment.

As for the main circuit of the power supply, it must be on the 12 volt line, the remaining voltages (except for 5 volt standby) must be generated from this line through DC / DC converters.

Power calculation for a block

Since the block for mining can work around the clock, it is necessary to use a power supply that has a power reserve. Therefore, it is best not to put the most powerful power supply on the equipment. This will still not help speed up the mining process, since no more than 70 percent of the power will be involved. How do you calculate the power?

When calculating power, they rely on the fact that the processor itself, the motherboard, the hard drive, will consume about 150 watts. For example, if you take the power consumption of video cards such as GTX 1060, then you need a 1600 watt power supply for mining on 8 video cards, a 900-watt block for mining on 4 video cards, and if mining on 6 video cards, then you need a 1200-watt block.

Power supplies for mining on video cards are produced in large quantities. Among them, there are those that have the best characteristics. You can make a certain rating.

Rating of the best power supplies in 2021-2022

Chieftec 750W [BDF-750C], Corsair CX 750W [CP-9020123-EU], Corsair HX1200i 1200W, Corsair HX1200i 1200W, Chieftec Proton BDF-1000C, Seasonic FOCUS 750 Gold [SSR-750FM]. The above PSUs are considered the best in terms of power and reliability, however they are some of the most expensive. Cryptocurrency news regularly indicates the ratings of such equipment.

Types of power supplies

Standard synchronized blocks. Such blocks are considered the most common and inexpensive. They can be used on any mining hardware. With their help, you can earn Bitcoins without any problems. If the capacity of one block is not enough, then it is allowed to take the second, and if necessary, the third. To do this, you can use a power supply synchronizer for mining.

With the help of such a synchronizer, it is possible to connect power supplies, to synchronously turn on and off various power supplies that power one rig.

Server blocks. These have a main line of 12 volts, which can be used both for mining and in order to power the motherboard through a converter. If you use such blocks, then you need to take into account that if you use a low-quality Pico-PSU, then it is likely that the motherboard will burn out, and the server unit will continue to work.

Synchronizer PSU

There are several types of ATX mining power supply synchronizers. These are synchronizers that close the 12 volt standby lines of different power supplies with wires. They are the cheapest and most compact synchronizers.

There are also synchronizers that turn on the slave power supplies when a voltage appears on the 12 volt line from the main unit through a mechanical relay.

In order for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to be mined without interruptions, you need to take care of the power supplies.

Power supply service

In order for the power supplies for mining to work as long as possible, you need to periodically maintain the equipment. To do this, the equipment is cleaned of dust that accumulates in the power supply case. From the fact that dust accumulates in it, the temperature regime deteriorates. Accordingly, this leads to a breakdown.

Purge is carried out every week. This procedure is mandatory. An electric blower is suitable for this. You can also use a dusting brush. With regular maintenance of power supplies, they will work for many years.

In conclusion, we note that the purchase of modern power supplies is an expensive procedure. Therefore, many clients are switching to cloud mining in order not to spend money on the purchase of equipment.