Colin Wu: Bitmain will release a new generation of ASIC miners

Colin Wu: Bitmain will release a new generation of ASIC miners

Chinese journalist Colin Wu, a well-known observer and insider of the world of cryptocurrencies, has access to information from Bitmain partners. They approve the preparation of the lines for assembly and the release of the new Antminer model in a limited edition.

From July to September 2022, Bitmain will be the first in the world to launch an ASIC miner on a 5nm chip, the model will receive the S19XP marking.

According to Colin Wu, due to the new TSMC processor, the new equipment will produce 150 TH / s, with a consumption of 3225 watts. The ASIC miner will have an energy efficiency of 21,5J / TH.

Bitmain's flagship model is now producing 29,5 J / TH. This is Antminer S10 Pro, capable of mining Bitcoin and forks at a computation speed of 110 TH / s, consuming 3250 watts. Such characteristics are not yet available to competitors, but the release on a 5 nm chip finally secures the status of the leader for Bitmain.

At this stage, technological advantage does not play a big role in the current shortage of semiconductor products. The production of ASIC miners is loaded with orders for the coming and next year. Companies may face problems at the time of the crypto winter, when the average production cost equals the cost of Bitcoin.