Mining farm - assembly, components, configuration and installation of programs

Mining farm - assembly, components, configuration and installation of programs

At the end of 2020, the mining of cryptocurrencies again became a profitable business and everyone is trying to do it. But in order to start making money on the maintenance of one of the distributed networks, you need not only to purchase components for the mining farm, but also to assemble them into a single workstation or, in other words, a rig.

It is much easier for ASIK owners in this regard, but with video cards they will have to tinker a little. The topic of today's review, what is a mining farm and what is it for? Although the answer to the second part of the question is so obvious. Rig for mining is necessary in order to be able to carry out mining and receive high cash income from this activity. And now we will tell you about everything in more detail.

What is a mining farm?

Many people who decide to mine cryptocurrency on their own ask a question related to what is a mining rig? From the English word "rig", meaning "harness, device or rig", miners call one element of the finished farm, which is necessary in order to mine cryptocurrency. That is, this is one independent station for the production of cryptocurrency, which includes certain elements in its main composition, some of them are:

  • The motherboard on which the processor and random access memory (RAM) are installed.
  • One or more power supplies.
  • A specialized rack on which video cards are installed.

Answering the frequently asked question of how to make a rig for mining, you need to take into account the main components that are given above. This point is important and you should pay your increased attention to it if you plan to mine cryptocurrency.

Assembling a mining farm

Assembling a mining farm begins with the selection of the necessary components. Immediately determine the amount that you are willing to spend and then select the optimal model of the motherboard, power supplies and graphics adapters. Keep in mind that the times when it was possible to mine digital coins on an old PC have long since sunk into oblivion.

Mining in 2021 is a commercial enterprise, not a hobby of enthusiasts. Here, as in any other business, start-up capital is needed. Saving money in the process of assembling a mining rig can lead to the fact that the resulting farm cannot recoup the costs for a long period of time. Therefore, in this matter, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of components when creating a mining rig.

Mining farm - assembly, components, configuration and installation of programs

Main components

To properly assemble a mining rig, you need basic components:

  • A motherboard that has 4-6 PCI-E slots.
  • Video cards from 4 pieces (AMD from RX 5500XT and above or Nvidia from GTX 1660 and above).
  • A power supply that has a power rating of at least 1000 W or two PSUs with a capacity of 600 W.
  • A processor that matches your motherboard.
  • A hard disk drive (HDD) of at least 32 GB, or better yet, get an SSD.
  • RAM (random access memory), 4-8 GB recommended.

A very large Winchester is not necessary at all, this is where you can save money. But, after installing the Windows operating system, there should be at least 16GB of free space (or even more) for the paging file.

Assembling the case

The case for your own farm can be made independently from bars and corners. This procedure, with the right approach, does not take much time and does not require high cash costs.

A drawing of a mining rig with dimensions allows you to perform an optimal and reliable design that can efficiently perform all tasks. The dimensions of the lower tier of the frame for a farm with 6 cards are approximately 70 x 35 cm.

Mining farm - assembly, components, configuration and installation of programs

The second tier is located at a height of about 25 cm, here you need to install a bar for the risers. The bar on the opposite side, intended for fixing video cards, is mounted 12 cm higher. If space allows, make the frame as long as possible so that the graphics cards do not sit too tightly. This way they will heat up less and last longer.

Make the distance between the first and second tier sufficient so that the power supplies can be placed on their side, and not laid. This will prevent them from blowing hot air over the cards. But see that the USB risers of all video cards are freely connected to the motherboard. If the frame is made of aluminum, dielectric legs are needed for the motherboard.

Configuring and installing programs

Mining farm - assembly, components, configuration and installation of programs

Instead of Windows, you can use the specialized mining operating system Hive OS. In this case, the miner does not need to independently partition the disk in order to set the required paging file size, set the power mode and download mining utilities. In Hive or RaveOS, all this is already configured and included. You just need to specify the login and password or the hash-id of the farm and then set up mining for a specific pool and adjust the overclocking parameters.

The first releases of miner axes worked only with a USB flash drive, now they can be easily installed on an SSD or a regular hard drive. You can monitor the operation of the farm and change the settings from another computer or smartphone, through a special application.

The main programs for mining:

When choosing a mining pool, it is worth looking at the complexity of the network and the mining speed of the pool relative to the coin network. There are large popular pools such as Ethermine and Sparkpool. However, if you are going to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency, we recommend that you pay attention to the pool for collective mining of the Binance crypto exchange launched in this. Read more about setting up a pool here.

With the Binance Mining Pool, you don't even need to set up a separate wallet. After registration, you will be able to work under your username and earnings, regardless of the volume, will be transferred to your personal account on the pool. At any time, this money can be withdrawn without any commission to a personal exchange deposit and exchanged for fiat or other crypt. Well, if you want to postpone coins for a long time, the exchange provides an opportunity to participate in supporting the Ethereum 2.0 network. You can also withdraw the earned assets to your personal Trust Wallet or MEW. And also in this pool there is a branch for mining Bitcoin and its forks, but only ASIC miners can work there.

List of popular pools:

  • Binance Pool
  • NanoPool
  • F2pool
  • hiveon
  • Ethermine

You can control the production and receipt of payments, working in Windows, through the pool website or utilities for monitoring mining from a mobile phone.

Buying a ready-made mining farm

One of the simplest and most optimal options is to buy a ready-made rig for mining in special outlets. The price of such equipment will largely depend on the parameters of the components that are included in its composition.

The cost of mining equipment directly depends on the cost of top coins, because the number of miners changes significantly. With the price decline of cryptocurrency, the cost of specialized mining equipment decreases significantly. And when the cryptocurrency market, for example, as it is now, is in an upward trend.

We have repeatedly warned readers that it is better to enter mining during periods of recession, when video cards and other equipment are relatively inexpensive and are always available. Or choose cloud mining, because now even outdated models of cards suitable for mining, such as the RX 570/580 and GTX 1060/1080, are exhibited at cosmic prices, but you probably shouldn't buy them. Better to wait for the market to stabilize and buy newer series cards. However, let everyone decide for himself.