Jaxx multicurrency wallet

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

Many crypto investors work with multiple coins at the same time. It is important for them to have a reliable tool for storing and transferring funds. One of these is the Jaxx multicurrency wallet, which offers both desktop and mobile versions. To restore control of the crypto wallet, the client is provided with a seed phrase and private keys.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

General information

Jaxx Inc. is working on the creation and maintenance of the Jax cryptocurrency wallet. Is one of the leading blockchain companies in Canada. Place of registration - Toronto. In 2018, it is planned to open a 5-storey office of the company in the city center.

The founder of the operator company is the well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor Anthony Di Iorio. He is the co-founder of Ethereum and participates as an advisor in many promising crypto projects, including Qtum, Polymath and others.

The first version of wallet Jaxx was introduced to users in 2014. At that time, the tool only supported 5 coins. At the current time, version 1.3.12 of the crypto wallet has been released, which already contains 62 coins. New cryptoassets are constantly being added to the list.

Since one of the first cryptocurrencies available for storage was Dash, due to Apple policy, no application for the iOs operating system was developed for a long time. Now the service works with this OS. In addition, wallet Jax versions are offered for:

  • Android;
  • OS X;
  • Windows (x64 and x86)
  • Linux (x64 and x86).

An extension for the Google Chrome browser is also offered.

Installation and launch

Before starting the installation, you need to go to the official site of the Jaxx wallet, which has a URL jaxx.io... In the horizontal menu, select the Download tab. Going to a new page, depending on the platform for installation, the download option is selected

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

Next, you need to run the installation file. In the window that opens, general information about the downloaded version will appear. Then you should press the Continue and Accept buttons in sequence. In the next window, you need to choose between creating a new wallet or restoring access to the old one. If the user did not work with the service in question earlier, then the first option will do.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

Next, a window will appear where you need to decide on the fast (Express) or advanced (Custom) settings. It is enough to dwell on the first option and tweak the crypto wallet already inside the service.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

At the last stage, you will be offered to configure the list of coins. Wallet Jax will be open immediately. Subsequently, it can be launched through the "Start" menu item in Windows or through a shortcut on the desktop of a computer or mobile device.

Interface overview

The following blocks can be distinguished in the Jax wallet interface:

  1. Cryptoasset selection carousel. For the coin in the first place, the address and balance become active.
  2. Buttons for performing Receive, Exchange, and Send operations.
  3. The user's Jaxx wallet address for the selected coin.
  4. Balance of cryptoasset with duplication in fiat money.
  5. QR code for fast work through a mobile device.
  6. A menu with private settings, tools for obtaining Private keys, a "Help" section, a choice of displaying crypto wallets and fiat currencies to duplicate the balance.
  7. Transaction history.
Jaxx multicurrency wallet

What currencies does it support

At the time of writing the review, 62 coins were available for storage in the service. A complete list of cryptoassets is available in the table.

CoinExchange designationCoinExchange designationCoinExchange designation
BitcoinBTCEthereumETHEthereum ClassicETC
DogecoinDGEBitcoin CashBthGGNT
AugurREPBasic Attention TokenBATGnosisGNO
MatchpoolGUPCreditbitCRBiExec RLCRLC
EnjinENJBlockmasonBCPWorld CoreWRC
PaypiePPPsUnikoin GoldICGStormSTO
Sense Social MediaPolymathPOLYZAPZAP
Winding TreeLIFShip chainSHP  

Basic operations

The Jax cryptocurrency wallet allows you to accept coins for storage, exchange them for other coins or withdraw funds to other addresses.

How to top up

To transfer to Jaxx, you need to click on the Receive button in the interface. Before that, you need to select the required cryptocurrency in the carousel.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

In the field that opens, the number of coins is inserted. After clicking on the Generate button, a QR code will be generated for quick replenishment via a smartphone or tablet. The address will be registered immediately in case of transferring funds using a computer or from an exchange.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

How to exchange

In wallet Jax, a direct exchange service for cryptocurrencies ShapeShift is built through the API. With its help, you can quickly transfer one cryptoasset to another without using cryptocurrency exchanges.

Jaxx multicurrency wallet

To make an exchange, the user will have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Exchange button.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.
  3. In the drop-down list, specify the asset that you want to receive.
  4. Insert the number of exchanged coins. Here you need to pay attention that ShapeShift sets its minimum and maximum value for the deposit for each pair. They have a variable meaning and are shown on the exchange form. Therefore, the amount exchanged must be in the range between the minimum and maximum values.
  5. The Exchange button is pressed. As soon as the required number of confirmations occurs, new coins will be displayed on the balance.

How to withdraw

Before the withdrawal of funds in the carousel, the desired coin is selected. Then the following sequence is executed:

  1. The Send tab is activated.
  2. The address of the recipient is inserted into the field.
  3. The number of coins to be withdrawn is indicated.
  4. The Send button is pressed.

After the required number of confirmations by the system, the cryptocurrency will be transferred to the new address

Jaxx multicurrency wallet


The Jax interface allows you to make additional settings. They are located in the drop-down list in the upper right corner. There are 3 tabs:

  1. Menu - has 5 sections. This includes:
    • Tools. Here you can see and download the Backup Phrase to return control over the wallet (Backup Wallet), private keys (Display Private Keys), settings for accessing one crypto wallet from multiple devices (Pair Devices).
    • Settings. In this section, you can set a secret PIN code for authorization (Setup Security Pin), update the balance (Reset Jaxx Cashe), set the miners' commission (Mining Fee).
    • Help. Collected answers to basic questions asked.
    • Newsletters.
    • About. Provides basic information about the version and configuration of the installed wallet, contacts for contacting technical support, the domain of the official website, terms of service.
  2. Wallets - allows you to add coins from the list that the user wants to store in the crypto wallet.
  3. Currency - serves to select the fiat currency in which the balance should be duplicated.
Jaxx multicurrency wallet

It is imperative to save and make several reliable copies of the seed phrase and private keys in order to be able to restore control over the wallet or to log in from another device.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of wallet include:

  • intuitive interface and beautiful design;
  • a strong development team led by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio;
  • ease of installation. The crypto wallet belongs to the category of "thin", so only a shell without a blockchain is installed on the computer. Synchronization with the blockchain occurs when you connect to the Internet or make a transfer;
  • the ability to obtain private keys and seed phrases;
  • availability of additional security settings by setting a pin code;
  • a large selection of available cryptocurrencies;
  • the ability to exchange cryptoassets directly within the service.

The negative aspects include the fact that periodically there are error messages in the code of this tool. The latter was recorded at the end of February 2018, when the Chinese provider Cheetah Mobile found such vulnerabilities. But they will soon be eliminated, so the Chinese have already contacted the operator Jax. I would also like options for the interface not only in English, but also in other languages.


Among the "thin" crypto wallets, Jax is considered one of the most convenient and reliable. It is easy to manage and provides the user with private keys, which makes it possible to restore control in case of loss. The resource has a good development team, technical support promptly helps clients with resolving issues.

The tool is suitable for both short-term use and long-term storage. You just need to have a copy of the private key and seed phrases, which must be stored in a safe place.