Phoenix Miner does not start on Windows 10

Phoenix Miner does not start on Windows 10

What is PhoenixMiner

PhoenixMiner Is a miner for cryptocurrencies based on the Ethash algorithm. First of all, these are Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, MOAC and other well-known coins. The program is suitable for video cards from Nvidia and AMD, and the developers call it "The fastest Ethereum / Ethash miner with the lowest fees."

Miner creators also want to eat lobsters, so they will mine on your hardware 0.65 percent of the time - it doesn't sound scary. It turns out that out of 90 minutes of mining, the owner of the video cards “works” for the developers in only 35 seconds. For comparison: the commission of developers on the same Claymore's miner is 1 percent.

What to mine on PhoenixMiner. Supported algorithms

Usually PhoenixMiner is downloaded specifically for Ethereum, but it also supports other algorithms. We list everything that is relevant for the latest version of the miner - 4.9c.

Requirements for the PhoenixMiner miner

Video cards from two major manufacturers are suitable for work.

Important point: we recommend installing PhoenixMiner 4.9. Older versions do not support DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) after the 265 era, so they will not be able to mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Read more about the DAG file and its impact on mining in this article.

The miner also requires Windows x64 (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.) or Linux x64.

Disabling DAG per-allocation (not enough VRAM)

The reason is this: there are two methods for creating and organizing a DAG buffer on AMD cards: the first is better as it provides a slightly higher hashrate and slightly less power consumption. However, it stops working when the DAG size exceeds 3,9–4 GB, and the program is forced to use the second method.

The exact limit depends on the drivers, but ultimately (around the era 379–384) even 6 and 8 GB cards will have to use the second method of creating a DAG file.

Phoenix and overdriventool

After these settings, you will be free from any specific miner configurations, and you can also fine-tune for different algorithms: all BIOSes are changed using public (polarisbioseditor) timings e

The same goes for the RX Vega.

DAG file

As Ethereum Classic (ETC) is about to hit the 383 DAG and Ethereum (ETH) will follow in a month or so, miners who are still using AMD Radeon GPUs with 4GB VRAM may start to experience problems.

So we can see that some Ethash mining software updates are fixing potential issues with DAG size approaching the 4GB VRAM limit and trying to maximize the usability of these GPUs.

Miners with 4GB VRAM may already run into problems with the main card if they don't use the onboard GPU due to the increased memory usage for the main card in Windows, so the Intel integrated GPU for the main card can help.

Alternatively, switch to a Linux operating system if you are currently using Windows. It could also help extend mining for several more DAG eras.

You might also consider replacing your main graphics card with one with more available video memory to compensate for the increased VRAM usage by the Windows operating system.

What algorithms does the program support?

Phoenix miner nvidia / amd 4.9c / 5.0b mines crypto coins on algorithms

At the same time, payment to the developer takes place in the same cryptocurrency for which the phoenix miner is used to set up production. That is, when you mine CLO or DBIX, devfee runs on the same pool, without reloading the DAG file, which can significantly save time. The exception is some young projects created on the basis of Ethereum, for example, the Perkel cryptocoin.


We can talk for a long time about the advantages and disadvantages of the phoenix miner 5.0b in comparison with the claymore. Both programs have enough supporters, between whom there are constant disputes on forums and social networks.

Everything is learned in comparison, by and large both miners are equal and each chooses software for his rig at his own discretion. Of course, the lower devfee is a strong argument in favor of the phoenix, as long as the farm is stable. Therefore, it is better to test everything yourself, and decide for yourself which software is better. Happy mining!