Best Bitcoin Android Apps Review

Best Bitcoin Android Apps Review

This article is an overview of several applications on Androidassociated with the use of cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoins. The modern pace of life requires technological devices to be reliable and functional, and, in some cases, necessarily mobile. The most popular mobile OS today is Android, which allows you to choose applications for her for every taste and need. As blockchain technology spreads and is introduced into everyday processes, cryptocurrency applications for Android rightfully occupied a significant segment among all the others.

There are a huge number of cryptocurrency applications for Android, and not all of them are equally useful.

Binance Android App Records Speaks

Therefore, it is worth immediately limiting the range of search in order to avoid the use of any lewdness.

The review will include: Wallets, including for the Lightning Network. Applications for trading, as well as monitoring rates and news Other applications (communications, games, etc.)

Additionally, the issues of security and privacy of the device running the Android OS will be highlighted.

General selection conditions: Applications that necessarily require mail and / or phone number (!) Upon registration are excluded (and added to the black list). The exception is the Telegram messenger. Apps that require a mandatory subscription or show excessive advertising are not included in the overview Apps for a specific exchange are not mentioned Some apps are excluded for "ideological" reasons

Review of the Best Bitcoin Apps on Android

Promon: Hackers Use Android Vulnerability To Access Cryptocurrency Wallets

To be honest, I am not a supporter of using cryptocurrency on a mobile device. Because, despite all the efforts of the interested community, cryptocurrencies still have a rather uncertain status both in Russia and in the rest of the world. At the same time, mobile devices, mainly running such leading operating systems as Android and iOS, are completely tied to your real personality.

Phone number, mail, contacts, accounts, payment applications, camera and microphone, GPS - everything is woven into one, which connects each action with the owner of the device, as well as the actions of the owner of several devices and his family members. Only the most careful, sophisticated and competent users can avoid this (and there are few of them). Various security measures such as retinal scanners, fingerprint IDs and voice IDs (“Ok Google”) only add to the inevitable effect of control. (I always knew this, but, as I remember, it becomes uncomfortable).

Do you know what happens if you neglect information security?

Here's an example:

And Bitcoin's philosophy is by no means "pro-system", so the System has no sympathy for Bitcoin. At the same time, Bitcoin is alive and well, but it requires some basic precautions. For example, don't associate wallets with your real identity. Everyone knows that the deanonymization of income can end very badly, especially for the owner of the cryptocurrency.

Android is not private by default - installed applications can access data from other applications (with your permission), as well as your personal information.

In addition, the device itself can fall into the hands of an attacker, a law enforcement officer, or, even worse, a malicious law enforcement officer. Be prudent and avoid losing your honestly earned bitcoins.

Bitcoin and Android: Combining the Incompatible

In this article, we will focus specifically on the use of cryptocurrency (mainly bitcoins) on an Android phone. it is the most popular and readily available open source operating system.

At the same time, Android has long turned into a real "Googlephone" (as it was conceived - Google bought it out three years before the official release). And, most importantly, it allows you to spy not only on you, but also on you (which happens more often).

Although, we must admit that the danger for the owner of cryptocurrencies does not come from Google itself. In fact, it is necessary to protect the device from direct physical access and theft of funds by hacker methods. At the same time, it would be just good form to save the device from the excessive attention of large technology companies. Richard Stallman will certainly approve.

Can you do without Google on Android? Honestly, no. Because it's inconvenient. It's easier to restrict the activity of built-in applications or remove them altogether. But, if absolute security and anonymity is required, then within the framework of this article, options with flashing the device are not considered.

However, you can still use an Android device without a Google account. Whether this makes sense is up to you. In any case, mobile devices are not a suitable option for storing large amounts of money. Moreover, it is unlikely that Google is the main danger in this context of using your smartphone / tablet. Better protect your savings and personal data from undue attention of others.

But, nevertheless, it will not be superfluous: Disable auto-update of applications from Google Play Disable synchronization of your Google account Allow installation of applications from third-party sources Limit Google collection of information about your actions

Cryptocurrency wallets for Android

Before installing the wallet, make sure that it is not a fake. Otherwise, you risk losing your money.

To eliminate unnecessary risks - go to the office. website page and open the section with recommended wallets:

A cryptocurrency wallet usually guarantees: Full control over your account. No one can check how much money you have and freeze it if desired. At the same time, there is no need for special trust in the reliability of the transfer - all transactions are irreversible. As a rule, cryptocurrency wallets are open source, which allows us to hope for their reliability

Although, in this case, all three advantages have a downside: You yourself have to take care of the safety of funds (protect the device from hackers and make backup copies of wallets) You can return it and you won't be able to complain anywhere. Open source code allows not only honest developers to study it, but also malicious hackers for vulnerabilities. Therefore, do not store too much funds on the so-called. Hot wallets.

When choosing a wallet, you should pay attention to the following aspects: Reputation of developers Security (open or closed code, method of storing keys and confirming transactions) Anonymity (need to verify identity, as well as encryption and IP hiding mechanisms) Functionality and usability of the interface Transaction cost (is there an additional fee for developers)

Bitcoin Wallet

Admittedly, this is the simplest bitcoin sending and receiving application imaginable. Nothing extra - just you and bitcoins.

This is not only the first mobile wallet from the list presented on the website, but, probably, the very first bitcoin wallet on Android, the development of which began back in 2010 by the famous programmer Andreas Schilbach.

В the course bitcoin tour of Europe Bitnovosti had the opportunity to chat с programmer Andreas Schildbach, developer popular Android wallet Bitcoin Wallet for Android. Talk occurred March 3 2016 years on bitcoin-mitape в Berlin cafe Room77.

Synchronization is extremely fast. only a small fraction of recent transactions are needed.

Security is implemented as simple as the wallet itself - an application password and backup. Lost a device with a backup - lost bitcoins.

Therefore, you just need to have at hand reliable tools for encrypting and synchronizing data, in our case, backups. And no clouds!

By default, the wallet uses an advanced version of bitcoin addresses - bech32, which is part of the SegWit technology. In particular, this innovation significantly speeds up the transfer of bitcoins between similar addresses (and makes them cheaper). You can read about SegWit and its benefits here.

By the way, the presence of SegWit support is a rule of good form for any self-respecting bitcoin wallet (if we are talking about "real" bitcoins).

The commission level is set manually (three modes), however, there is no way to set a specific amount. Although, usually, the recommended value is quite satisfactory for the user.

Additional features include the ability to connect only to a trusted node (and you can only trust yourself) and offline payments via bluetooth (synchronization is performed later when the device is connected to the network). You can connect to certain nodes not only directly, but also through Tor.

On this, in principle, there is nothing more to say about this wallet, and you can move on to more interesting and advanced options.

If you wish, you can practice "on cats", or rather on test bitcoins. They are almost indistinguishable from the real ones, with the exception of the name.

Electrum Wallet

This is already a more remarkable piece from an extremely popular brand known for its reliable and functional desktop applications for storing cryptocurrencies. Although, one is enough to work with bitcoins. It's great that the desktop client is available in a portable version, which allows you to use it directly from a secure flash drive. But, this is already material for another article.

Electrum wallets are light clients that do not download the blockchain to your device, which requires them to connect to remote nodes. True, in the settings you can choose which node to connect to, including, it may be your node.

Like the desktop version, the mobile application uses a number of addresses to receive and send coins, which significantly increases the confidentiality of transfers.

Also, Electrum differs from the previous wallet in the presence of a seed phrase for recovery from any device. True, in this case, it is recommended to take care of the safe storage of the twelve most important words in your life, for example, engrave them on metal and hide them away from prying eyes.

Another interesting feature, in addition to the default SegWit support, is the built-in interface for making payments on the Lightning network.

Lightning Network support added to Electrum wallet

For Lightning, though, other dedicated wallets will be introduced here.

Finally, it is worth noting the convenience of creating new wallets for use in the Electrum mobile client and a more flexible approach to managing commissions. In general, the application leaves a pleasant impression and can be safely recommended for everyday use.

But for more complex cases where maximum confidentiality is required, more functional and equally well-known things have been created.

Samourai Wallet

“We are privacy activists who have dedicated our lives to developing software that Silicon Valley will never create, that will never be approved by regulators, and in which venture capitalists will never invest. We create the software that Bitcoin deserves and we are proud of our open source! "

Yes, after this it is impossible to pass by this project. Here, even the most sophisticated geek will certainly secretly wipe away a stingy tear.

It should be noted right away that getting a full-fledged wallet must be downloaded not from Google Play, but from the official website of the developers:

Today, Samourai Wallet, launched back in 2015, is rightfully considered the most feature-rich and advanced Bitcoin wallet available on Android.

In order to describe in detail all the functions and features of the wallet, or rather, a whole set of software from the Samourai family, you will need to do a separate material, so only a general, brief description of the mobile client will be presented here.

Samourai Wallet features: Full Segwit support for fast and low-cost transactions You have control over your private keys, which are not transferred to third-party servers Dynamic rating and custom commission settings STONEWALL technology to increase the privacy of your transactions Ricochet technology against transaction tracking Sending and receiving private payments with PayNym (BIP47) Deterministic Sorting I / O data for greater anonymization (BIP69) Increase the commission for a sent transaction using Replace By Fee (RBF) and Child Pays for Parent (CPFP) Routing outbound transactions through a trusted node Addresses are not reused Standardized export / import functionality. The backup is compatible with any other wallet based on BIP44 / BIP49 / BIP84 Hidden mode. To access the wallet, you need to enter the secret code on the dashboard Remote SMS commands to remove the wallet from a lost or stolen device Built-in local Block Explorer Seed-phrase support Full client-side encryption VPN or Tor connection Full offline mode

The Whirlpool feature is worth dwelling on in a little more detail. Whirlpool is a completely decentralized analogue of a conventional cryptocurrency mixer (toggle switch) that works as part of the technology for anonymizing transactions - CoinJoin. The function mathematically separates the inputs of the senders from the outputs of the recipients, thereby complicating the process of tracking transactions.

Anonymous coin mechanics

Thus, the Whirlpool framework is a modular implementation of CoinJoin, developed using the ZeroLink protocol, or rather, its modified fork.

At first, Whirlpool was only available in Dojo, a full-featured PC wallet that is a full-fledged node, equipped with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. The solution turned out to be extremely popular, and with the addition of a toggle switch function to the mobile version, Samourai caused a threefold increase in the volume of anonymous transactions in several months.


Sentinel is the so-called. An "observer wallet" whose sole purpose is to keep track of balances and transactions, as well as create new addresses for cold hierarchically determined wallets.

According to the developers, Sentinel does not store user IDs or private keys. To track an address, you just need to scan the extended public key (XPUB). You can install the application from the Google Play store or from the developer's website.


Well, after all, a person is not fed up with Bitcoin alone! For those who need to work with several cryptocurrencies at once - the Exodus application offers not only wallets for dozens of different coins, but also the ability to exchange them among themselves. It's scary to think, but, in Exodus, you can store more than 100 cryptocurrencies and derivative tokens.

A multicurrency wallet does not require registration or any personal data at all. Coins are freely convertible with each other with a minimum commission (for miners). Exodus itself does not take anything.

True, like all glamorous wallets, it has strange features. For example, the seed phrase for recovery is available only after depositing the first funds to any wallet address. Although, the PIN code can be set immediately.

+ closed source, which does not add value to it. The commission is not set manually - it is not to the face of a promising blockchain to reap a penny.

Private keys are also stored on the client side, which is definitely great. The blockchain does not load - all ordinances take place on third-party servers. Although, for a mobile client, this is normal.

In general, Exodus is a beautiful and convenient wallet, without serious flaws and claims to revolution.

BLW: Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

So the turn of innovation has come: a two-in-one application that allows transactions to be carried out both on the main Bitcoin network and on the Lightning network.

In the best traditions of the technological underground - private keys do not leave your device, which gives some guarantees of the safety of funds.

It is worth recalling that the Lightning Network technology allows instant (theoretically) payments in bitcoins, which is implemented due to the second layer (add-on) on top of the main network.

During installation, a new wallet and seed-phrase for recovery is created. Don't forget to write it down.

In order to start using the Lightning Network, you first need to replenish the balance in bitcoins, and then open a payment channel with one of the nodes in the network.

True, a kind developer has already taken care of this, and one channel (his own) is already open by default:

Moreover, this is a difficult channel, and a hosted channel with a reserve of 0,1 BTC, which allows other users to immediately issue invoices to Lightning Nerwork (without replenishing the balance on their part). But, this is a feature of this particular wallet.

The payment link is one-time and short-lived.

If you decide to open channels on your own with other nodes, you need a little theoretical knowledge.

It is important to know: you cannot receive or spend more than the amount that you sent to open the channel. Moreover, in order to get any amount within the channel width (the invested amount), you must first spend the same amount.

Example: you need to receive $ 100 through the Lightning Network. You take your $ 110 in bitcoins, replenish the balance of the Lightning wallet, then open a payment channel with one of the nodes (the list is in the wallet), wait, wait again, then if the node is happy to see you, a channel for $ 110 opens.

Do not disconnect until the channel is finally open - a change in its status will tell you about it!

Each node has its own minimum to open (maintaining a node is expensive). If $ 110 is not enough for him, he has the right to have nothing to do with you. These sites are equal users just like you. There is no bank or persons in charge here.

Now you must free up space to receive $ 100 - for this, withdraw $ 100 back (through the exchange office) or spend it, $ 10 remains and a place for the new $ 100.

Thus, it becomes clear that using the Lightning Network requires a certain investment. It's just worth understanding that if you just need to get $ 100 - use the main bitcoin network for this, and if you need to pay $ 2 for a cup of coffee every day with a minimum commission, then use the above scheme with Lightning. If you can find where to pay for coffee via Lightning Network. I personally prefer to drink my coffee at home from a beer mug.

It is important to know: receiving payments is only possible if your wallet is online. And second: your partner has the right to close the channel at any time. And if you are offline, your deposit can go to a dishonest node (although, as a rule, the funds are returned back to your bitcoin address). Therefore, only connect to known nodes.

True, here too, the developer of Bitcoin Lightning Wallet took care of the user's safety. By default, a special service is already included in the wallet, the so-called. "Watchtower", which for a nominal fee monitors your channels for violations by partners.

And remember that the payment may not go through - in this case, the money will also be returned back after some time.

Additionally, once again it is recommended to carefully read everything about the features of this technology.

Applications for trading and rate monitoring

Today, anyone can easily become a "real trader" - simply by creating an account on any available exchange (on one of dozens and hundreds) and replenishing the balance. Further development of the situation depends on the correct choice of the exchange and the adequacy of the newly-made "wolf of Walt Street".

For the convenience of trading various assets, you can install a separate application or a whole terminal in order to combine all accounts in it and use more advanced functionality, adjusting it to your own needs.

And this is where serious problems come to light. After all, unfortunately, not everyone thinks about how safe it is to trust third-party software with their finances and confidential data (personal information, information about current and planned transactions, history of operations, the contents of balances, etc.). Critical information and access to transactions can be at the mercy of scammers (dishonest developers) or hackers. In this case, losses are inevitable for the unwary trader.

ESET: Android vulnerability targets cryptocurrency exchange users

Therefore, when working with the terminal, a trader must make sure that his information is reliably protected.

So do mobile trading apps meet basic security requirements?

Alien's free software steals money from Coinbase wallet

A number of experts have tested most of such applications for a long time and the conclusions turned out to be disappointing - most did not even meet basic standards and were potentially unsafe.

The most common threats:

Even if we discard the options with initially dangerous applications that were specially created for unauthorized actions, there remains a wide vector of attacks from hackers.

To exploit these threats, an attacker needs to: Be on the same network with the user and be able to intercept traffic. This attack is called “man in the middle”. For example, to implement it, you can connect the user's device to a fake Wi-Fi hotspot or base station of a mobile operator. To gain physical access to the device, for example, you can lose the device or simply leave it in plain sight. Yes, a PIN code is required to protect against unauthorized access to the application, but this is not a problem if the software is not protected against brute force (brute force). In some trading applications, experts have discovered the possibility of unlimited brute-force PIN-code brute-force. The counter of attempts to enter a password was reset when the application was restarted, so it was possible to brute force the access code as much as possible. Infect the user's device with malware. This is especially effective if root rights have been unlocked on the device. As an example - third-party keyboards, which can turn out to be keyloggers, which would allow an attacker to steal authorization data in various applications.


TabTrader is a fairly convenient terminal for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The app tracks the exchange rate and trading volume for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Huobi, Kraken, Bitmarket, Bittrex, etc.

There are several types of charts available in TabTrader: line, area, bars, Japanese candles, heiken ashes and empty candles.

For the convenience of working with charts, it is recommended to use a device with a tablet orientation.

Also, you can use several different technical indicators:

You can set up instant sound notifications about the slightest change in the value of a particular asset.

It should be noted that to work with exchanges, you will need to create an account with TabTrader, which is a significant drawback, since all your accounts will be linked together. For a trading terminal, this is normal, but unless pre-authorization on a third-party service is required, as in this case. In terms of privacy and security, this is not the best solution. Whether the service collects usage statistics and whether it can access all the information in the application is unknown. [use TabTrader at your own risk].

To work in TabTrader, you need to create an API key in the exchange account, and then bind it to the terminal. When creating a key, you should not endow it with withdrawal rights. But, creating and configuring an API key is a separate story.

Finally, it is worth noting that the application contains news from such well-known resources as Reddit, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, etc.

Although, there are more interesting applications for monitoring news.

block Folio

Blockfolio is a popular application that works with a huge amount of cryptocurrencies (over 8000), allowing you to create a portfolio even without a direct connection to exchanges. Additionally, it provides news signals directly from teams of various cryptocurrency projects.

But, if required, the application supports connection to more than 20 exchanges, providing complete information on the cryptocurrency portfolio (in aggregate and separately for each currency).

Shows complete transaction history for each coin and exchange. Moreover, transactions can be added manually, specifying the nature - purchase, sale or transfer.

You can get detailed information on each currency: current rate, charts, depth of market, etc.

If necessary, it is possible to create alerts for a given event.

For reliability and security, it is recommended to add a pin code to the application and use the "Hide balance" function.


Undoubtedly an amazing application from a very famous service that allows you to track not only cryptocurrencies in real time, but also other underlying assets: global indices, stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, mutual funds, commodities, etc.

In addition, it is a convenient tool for both technical analysis experts and novice traders. allows you to publish and view trading ideas and maintain your own account, which can become a popular source of information among other users. In fact, TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors in the world.

Chat with other traders, learn from their experience and discuss trading ideas - everything is in your hands.

Here you can track the world's major indices (NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500 (SPX), NYSE, Dow Jones (DJI), DAX, FTSE 100, NIKKEI 225, etc.), as well as follow fiat and cryptocurrency rates, PIFs, bonds , ETFs, oil prices and other assets.

Registration is optional, but it will provide additional opportunities for interacting with other system participants, will allow you to receive notifications about changes in the value of assets and will open access to the market simulator.

An important feature of TradingView is its excellent charts with extensive display customization options:

The main thing is that TradingView monitors leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as HitBTC, Binance, BitBay, Coinbase, Mercado Gemini, Kraken, Huobi, OkCoin and provides rates for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Dogecoin, USD Coin, Tron , Stellar, Tether, Cardano, Monero, ZCash, etc.

Additionally, the presence of a large number of indicators and templates is captivating, which, probably, cannot be found in any similar trading application.

Although, in order to effectively use all the features of TradingView on a mobile device, you need a device with a tablet orientation:

Coinvero - cryptocurrency converter

Even if you do not need any professional capabilities, then, in any case, a simple cryptocurrency converter will definitely not hurt, especially such as Coinvero.

The interface in the form of a simple list will allow you to quickly convert about 800 different cryptocurrencies and 160 fiat currencies. Simple, fast, effective.


Unfortunately, the above applications do not have a section with Russian-language news, but this is not a reason for disappointment. There are excellent cryptocurrency news aggregators like CryptoPanic.

The main feature is multilingualism. It is enough to go to the settings (swipe to the left), and select only Russian in the filter. Now you will be aware of everything that is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies. News is collected from both regular sites and threads on Reddit, YouTube channels and influential social media accounts.

It is worth noting that CryptoPanic is not only a news aggregator, but also a whole community where you can comment on posts and track your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Additionally, the service provides up-to-date information about exchange rates and an API for developers of various bots and widgets.

Other applications

Among other applications that may be useful to a trader, journalist or just an enthusiast, we can recommend software for accounting for finances and time, various instant messengers, organizers, encryptors, etc.

I will not focus on this here, but I cannot help but focus on just a first-class messenger.


Needs no introduction. The official mobile client has become especially valuable in the form of the ability to finally scatter all channels into separate folders and separate them from long-suffering contacts lost somewhere in between.

First: a convenient tool for communication and conclusion of transactions. Easy to contact cashier, client, employer, contractor, colleague, companion, etc. And all this without the vigilant control of Google and Facebook. The application is light and fast, does not consume much battery, and is open source (client). If necessary, you can use encryption of correspondence. No trust? Better than WhatsApp, right? If not convinced - use something more confidential, for example, Antox.

One disadvantage of Telegram: registration by SMS. But whoever needs it will solve the problem, if it is. Foreign servers? I sincerely believe that you are not going to trade illegal substances.

Second: a huge number of channels, chats and bots dedicated to cryptocurrency topics. For example, you can subscribe to the Bitnovosti channel)

For example, I'll tell you about two fairly well-known bots in Telegram.

Whale Alert monitors large transactions on eleven blockchains and reports the details of these transactions on his Twitter, as well as Telegram.

How is this useful? For example, on September 3, a bot reported a significant transaction of 60 BTC. This marked a sharp drop in the exchange rate throughout September. Don't believe me? Open the TradingView app and check it out. You already installed it, right?

Have you seen this? There is a clear uptrend from April 1 to September 3. Phenomenal.

@FOMO_Bot - provides detailed information on long and short positions, as well as derivatives and futures from exchanges such as BitFinex, OKex, CoinFLEX, Kraken and BitMEX.

And there are still a lot of such sources in Telegram - from official resources to blogs of seasoned Internet investigators. Take your pick, be impressed, shop (or run). 🙂

Ten rules and questions about security on Android

Do not search for applications on Google Play directly - search for the site's site (if possible, check its address with an additional, trusted source, for example, from Wiki) and go to the application download page from there. This will significantly reduce the risk of getting a fake app.

Phishing apps found on Google Play

Do not rush to root - you may not need it at all. By rooting a device, you risk its performance and significantly weaken its security. Most of the necessary tasks, such as restricting network access for a specific application (firewall), removing / hiding applications and backing up, do not actually require root privileges.

Do not install redundant applications that duplicate each other's functionality. Each application is an additional burden and security risk. Moreover, do not install games and pirated applications on a device where you store at least some significant funds. To test an unknown application, you can use the Android emulator for Windows. In my opinion, Nox and Andy have proven themselves the most well.

Do not download or run media files on a device that is designed to store large amounts of money. Your mobile wallet should be a steel safe, not a file bin. The recommendation does not apply to users who store very small amounts on their devices for operational expenses.

Encrypt the entire device and individual apps / files. This will greatly enhance overall security and limit direct application access to other parts of the system and storage.

Do not use cloud storage for synchronization, such as Google Drive (and other servers from this company), Dropbox, etc. To create a backup of applications and files, you can easily deploy a server on your own PC - synchronizing devices over a mobile or local network.

Try to avoid closed source applications. They are usually filled with advertisements or collect your personal data (or worse, steal it for criminal purposes). It is much safer to install an additional app store, for example, F-Droid and download the necessary apps from there (if possible).

Use two-factor authentication where possible. Moreover, it is not necessary to use Google's authenticator - in fact, there are many more options.

Install applications on your device that allow you to work over VPN and the Tor network. To be honest, I cannot imagine the further development of Bitcoin (and its existence) without these technologies. Otherwise, the whole meaning of the exclusive idea is lost. VPN and Tor will save you from intrusive resource blocking and hide your real IP for servers and nodes that installed applications access.

Avoid cryptocurrency mining apps for Android. That's bullshit. You will not earn anything and even worse will kill the device. Bitcoin mining on Android? If there is even a drop of adequacy in you, then such statements of the "developers" should cause nothing more than a grin.

Miner apps are available for download in the Google Play Store despite the ban


By and large, this material gives only a general idea of ​​the necessary applications for Android, which greatly simplify the work with cryptocurrencies. But, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the optimization of the operating system, interface, security and trouble-free operation of the device. It is recommended to pay special attention to the chapter "10 rules and security on Android" to avoid significant problems in the future.