Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home

Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home

Concepts such as mining, bitcoin and cryptocurrency have long and firmly entered our daily life. The average web user regularly hears that, thanks to the computing power of an ordinary computer, you can receive regular passive income without any effort. However, not everyone is a modern technology professional. Therefore, setting up and maintaining your own cryptocurrency farm becomes a very difficult task.

AngryMiner service

In this article, we will tell you about a service that solves this problem and allows anyone who has a regular PC or laptop to make money by mining cryptocurrencies. The name of this service is Angryminer and it will be an excellent solution for anyone who will be pleased with an additional 50-60 dollars a month simply because his computer will calculate additional operations in addition to its classic daily functions.

Basic information about the project

Official website:

Project details

As they say on the main page of the service: "Vidyaha is spinning - the coins are muddied." In principle, this slogan briefly and clearly makes it clear the essence of the process that will bring money to the user who will cooperate with Angryminer.

The creators of the resource offer a user who is not very versed in mining, but wants to make money on it, download a special program that will activate and get money when the computer is turned on, but for some reason is idle.

A very convenient scheme. When you watch YouTube videos, surf the Internet, play your favorite game, or write your next graduate work for the university, nothing stands in your way. But as soon as you decide to take a break from technology, go to bed or simply get distracted from your computer, the mining process will immediately begin, which will bring a good income, even if you count the daily amount of earnings.

How much money can you earn with Angryminer? Income from one computer averages $ 1-2 per day, which is quite good for passive income without effort and expenditure of your own efforts.

Service Benefits

Angryminer benefits

The project was conceived in order to become one of the first on the market, so the creators initially created a whole group of features that should attract both newcomers to such mining services and those who have previously tried to make money from competitors. Among the main advantages of Angryminer, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • The presence of a smart stealth mode is a feature of the software installed from the service allows you to use the power of the video card for mining only if the computer is not used and is in an inactive mode (mining is activated after 5 minutes of inactivity and turns off at the same moment when at least the slightest movement of the mouse or pressing the keyboard). Nothing will interfere with the classic use of the computer and will not eat up its resources.
  • The platform mines cryptocurrency, but immediately and automatically transfers it into more stable and reliable dollars, which eliminates any chance of going bankrupt on the course.
  • You can quickly and easily withdraw earned funds thanks to the support of the widest possible range of payment platforms (Qiwi, Steam, phone, and others).
  • When transferring, the user receives rubles at the most favorable rate.
  • The mining program does not require complex settings, and even an ordinary student can figure out its functionality.
Withdrawal methods

It is noteworthy that the stealth mode indicated in the first paragraph allows you to install the program on the PC of someone from family members or even colleagues in the office and no one will know about it. Why not use the power of technology, if it too often stands idle on?

Finally, we note that the service has already gained high popularity among the CIS community, which has led to the emergence of attackers cloning its appearance and trying to deceive inattentive users.

Registration and mining process

Please note that the official site is exclusively available at Sites with a similar name in other domain zones are fraudulent.

The process of creating an account and starting to earn money on the site is quite simple and consists of the following stages:

  1. Clicking on the register button in the upper right corner.
  2. Filling in the email address and password for the account.
  3. Go to your personal account, which will become available immediately after that, and download the mining client, which weighs only 3 mb.
  4. Installing the program and launching it.
Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home
Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home
Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home

Everything. Literally 5 minutes after installation, the program will start earning you real money. It is noteworthy that it will not have any windows or other elements of the program interface. All mining data can be monitored online in your personal account on the website. As we said above, this feature makes the Angryminer cryptocurrency miner an ideal solution for installation on other people's PCs, to which you have at least fleeting access. And all of them will bring you passive income on a daily basis during your downtime.

Review of AngryMiner service for earning cryptocurrency at home

General conclusions

In general, the Angryminer service is an excellent solution for those who have long thought about making money on mining cryptocurrency, but so far have neither the experience nor the knowledge for independent mining. It will also be a good solution for those people who are simply looking for, if not huge, but stable and guaranteed monthly income.

Best of all, a cryptocurrency miner from the Angryminer service will show itself to those who periodically use their equipment and are not used to turning it off when they leave on business or are briefly distracted from it. Also, this undemanding program can be an excellent source of income for those who install it on several computers at once. With good hardware, the average monthly $ 50 can be safely multiplied by the number of these computers. Good earnings will come out, isn't it?

If you dig around the Internet and look for reviews about Angryminer and reviews on this site, then in most cases they will be positive. Users note the invisibility of mining, as well as the low "gluttony" of the program. Also, many are satisfied that the site does not cheat and does not promise sky-high earnings, but what is stated on the main page of the site pays out absolutely without problems.

Finally, we note that Angryminer also has a good referral system, and everyone who signs up by invitation from a friend will receive $ 1 for free. And this despite the fact that the withdrawal is available from $ 5.