Satoshi Nakamoto - the creator of bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto - the creator of bitcoin

Developer personality

Nakamoto first announced himself to the general public in October 2008. He wrote the article "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". The work was published on the Metzdowd Internet resource. The article described the basic principles of Bitcoin - a decentralized system that excludes trust to third parties. A few months later, Satoshi launched the first cryptocurrency wallet, launching a virtual network.

Public life

The identity of the cryptographer, programmer, founder of the digital world has remained a mystery since that moment. It is not known if this is one person or a group of programmers. There are versions about the participation of American special services in this case, collusion of transnational companies. Satoshi went online, communicated with like-minded people on forums, using secure communications, in particular, the Tor browser. The few information that he provided about himself, registering on forums and sites dedicated to cryptography, do not find confirmation:

  • Year of birth - 1975.
  • Country of residence - Japan.

The mysterious creator of the cryptocurrency indicated the date of birth on the website of the P2P fund - 05.04.1975/2009/37. In XNUMX, on another forum, he wrote that he was XNUMX years old. There is no clarity on the issue of age.

The developer's home country is also in doubt. In his correspondence with forum participants, Nakamoto used exclusively English, and some words and phrases indicated precisely the British version. Subsequently, this made it possible to conduct searches outside the United States and Japan.

Public life, the identity of the programmer and cryptologist are carefully hidden from the public. There is no photo of Satoshi Nakamoto, information about his family, children, classes since 2011, when he handed over the management of the project to Gavin Andresen. By the way, the latter is a programmer, currently an employee of the Bitcoin Foundation.


The unsolved person, known to the public as Satoshi Nakamoto, owns a considerable fortune in the cryptocurrency he created. The Bitcoin developer owns the assets resulting from the forks.

With quotes over $ 60 thousand (in the spring of 2021) for 1 BTC, the fortune of the mysterious programmer exceeded $ 60 billion. With such an indicator, he completely fell into the TOP-20 of the richest people in the world. At the same time, no one knows exactly how many assets are in the possession of Satoshi. Sergio Demian Lerner, a cryptocurrency researcher, used the extraNonce increase method. He concluded that the cryptocurrency developer mined 1 BTC. Transfers continue to come to his wallet; in total, since 148, 800 BTC have been received there.

Currency list of Assets
Bitcoin750-1100 thousand BTC
Bitcoin Cash$ 650 million
Bitcoin Gold$ 250 million
Bitcoin SV$ 1.1 million


The biography of Satoshi Nakamoto is of great interest to active participants in the digital world, the media, and representatives of the financial sector. For 12 years, dozens of attempts have been made to personify the personality of the developer. People from different countries were associated with the name Satoshi.

Some have been pointed out by the cryptocurrency community. Journalists sought to obtain confirmation or refutation of the theory. Others, on the contrary, independently declared themselves as a programmer and developer of bitcoin.

The search for Satoshi Nakamoto could pose a threat to cryptocurrency. This was announced by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in its letter to the SEC before the listing. Identity identification, the movement of assets mined by mining in 2010-2011 can lead to a drop in quotations and a collapse of the digital currency.