TeamRed Miner v0.9.1 AMD GPU - Download and configure

TeamRed Miner v0.9.1 AMD GPU - Download and Configure

Team Red Miner This is a specialized software for mining cryptocurrencies on AMD graphics cards. Team Red Miner works with almost all cryptocurrency algorithms that are mined on video cards. The standard miner commission for most algorithms is 2.5%, for Ethash 1% for Navi / Vega video cards and 0.75% for Polaris. TRM successfully works with 4GB graphics cards on Ethereum, even after the DAG file size exceeded 4GB. At the same time, as in the case of other programs, mining is carried out with a reduced hash rate.

Download TeamRedMiner v0.9.1

Download the mining software from the link below.

Latest Versions / Releases

Release v.0.9.1

  • FPGA: Updated FPGA_GUIDE.txt with new devices, voltage settings, and more.
  • FPGA: Added support for U50C/ECU50 FPGA.
  • FPGA: Added custom SC firmware for C1100 and U50C.
  • FPGA: Added support for TRM SC firmware programming, see --fpga_update_fw.
  • FPGA: added voltage control for C1100 and U50C (using new firmware), see options -fpga_vcc_int etc.
  • FPGA: Added support for additional FK33 sensors (hbm voltage, current sensors).
  • FPGA: Added support for DNA in the --fpga_devices option.
  • FPGA: Added --fpga_allow_unsafe option to disable security restrictions.
  • FPGA: Added timeout for ethash DAG gen on FPGA.
  • GPU: Added --eth_ignore_abort_fail option to disable rate throttling due to failed aborts.
  • GPU: Added improved idle GPU log handling in edge cases where a specific GPU was not previously mentioned.

Release v.0.9.0

The major new version adds support for FPGA-based ethash mining.

README highlights:

  • Added initial support for ethash FPGA. See FPGA_GUIDE.txt for details.

Release v.0.8.7

Service release with network improvements. No algorithm changes. No need to update if you have no network issues, see Changes below.

README highlights:

  • General: Added offline test mode for (almost) all algorithms (see —Benchmark).
  • Network: Improved "Failed to connect to developer pool" situation. an error message appears.
  • Users in China are encouraged to use "—dev_location = cn".
  • Network: Added experimental support for DNS-over-HTTPS (see —Dns_https and —dns_https_sni).

Release v.

  • special for all ERGO miners! You should upgrade to this version before block 614400, approximately 24 hours after release!
  • Highlights of the README:
  • Autolykos2: Emergency release to support larger pad size from block 614400. Some GPUs (mainly Vegas) will need higher core clock speeds to achieve the same performance as previous versions due to large pads breaking some of the previous optimizations. There will be more optimizations in future releases.
  • Autolykos2: added --autolykos_ignore_diff argument for certain pools that are incompatible with the ERGO reference miner pool implementation.
  • Progpower: bug fixed - help text for --prog_micro_tune.

Release v.

  • Firopow/MTP: Added "mtp_firopow" synthetic algo which will use the correct algo based on system time and disable the miner during the Firo fork on October 26th.
  • Ethash / progpower: split ethash and progpower algorithms into ...

Release v.0.8.6

  • Firopow: added a new algorithm for the upcoming Firo fork (see Before the fork, only testnet mining is available, see
  • Firopow / kawpow: rewritten tuning guide (see KAWPOW_FIROPOW_TUNING.txt).
  • Firopow /kawpow: Minor hash rate improvements, mainly by choosing full default GPU tuning and adding a microtuning mechanism for Polaris GPUs (see new --prog_micro_tune argument).
  • Autolykos2: added support for high scores and displaying the difficulty of the sent share.
  • General: Fixed support for Radeon VII in latest win drivers. NOTE: HBCC must be disabled for all vegas.
  • General: Fixed fan control bug for Navis in some driver versions.
  • General: Improved Windows computer behavior with auto-elevation (with -uac) and GPU restarts.

Release v.0.8.5

Release Notes:

  • General: Added Windows Clock/Voltage/Integrated Time Control (beta functionality). See the section in Help and CLOCKS_VOLTAGE_CONTROL.txt.
  • General: Fixed some Windows fan control issues, mainly for large Navi GPUs.
  • General: Added mem time limits (stop/resume), see --mem_temp_limit and --mem_temp_resume.
  • - Ethash: Added support for forced reporting of ethash pool hashrate (see --the_hash_report).
  • - Ethash: Fixed crazy pool hashrate reporting when using failover pools.
  • Autolykos2: added support for extranonce subscription, for example for Nicehash.

Release v.0.8.4

Key points:

  • General: Added a fix for a crash when loading GPU cores in newer drivers like Big Navi on Adrenalin 21.6.x.
  • Crash Patch: Fixed a bug due to which when mining in Haven after a recent hard fork, there were mostly errors.

Release v0.8.3

  • General: Added Autolykos2 algorithm for ERGO
  • General: improved and simplified ZIL dual mining for ethash / kawpow / verthash / autolykos2

Release v0.8.2.1

  • Bugfix: The problem with Windows was fixed, due to which the statistics with zero GPU were periodically read and the fans were blown up (error 0.8.2).
  • Verthash: added parameter --verthash_max_uploads = N to control how the verthash table is loaded into the GPU at startup. Some chipsets do not work with more than 4 GPUs at the same time. A common mistake is that multiple GPUs die right away on startup when running a full install, but work fine if you only run 3-4 GPUs.
  • Verthash: Fixed support for GPUs with 2GB memory.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  1db47ebd8ee397deaaed800e8d80ac15f684c557299698deb98cb0b65c4deb93
MD5     teamredminer.exe  b5a6f0018a37d6455557544b93b2cbc6
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      369aacf8c147c04fa5049902956a4ba0c169cce517871f714fcaa5ed31308f7d
MD5     teamredminer      9ee0e509169eef2b7ed3acad255e8740

Supported and tested GPUs:

  • Navi - RX 5700 (XT) / 5600 (XT) / 5500 (XT) for supported algorithms in the table below.
  • Vega - RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE, Radeon VII (Vega 2)
  • Polaris — RX 580/480/570/470/560/460/550

Some algorithms are not supported by some GPU architectures and / or drivers. Below is the compatibility table:

Cryptonight rNLL
Cryptonight v8 upx2NLL
Cryptonight v8 turtleNLL
Cryptonight v8 halfNLL
Cryptonight v8 doubleNLL
Cryptonight v8 rwzNLL
Cryptonight v8NLL
Cryptonight heavyNLL
Cryptonight havenNLL
Cryptonight saberNLL
Cryptonight concealerNLL

Legend support:

  • Y = Supported
  • N = not supported
  • L = Limited support: Algorithms are supported on Windows and Linux with amdgpu-pro drivers, not supported by ROCm drivers.

The miner reports the GPU hash rate every 30 seconds. These are full GPU hashrates without deducting development fees (your pool hashrate will be slightly lower).

The miner includes a read-only API based on the sgminer-5.5 API. Both json and text formats are supported. See the sgminer api documentation for more details. The miner also includes a Claymore compatible API with support for a subset of the API.

For bug reports and / or for feature requests, please open an issue in the project's github issue tracker.

For example, for command lines, see Batch / Shell Scripts in Miner Download Packages. For command line parameters, see the USAGE.txt file that comes with the miner.

Example for configuring a .bat file

  1. teamredminer.exe - write the name of the application that will be launched. This file must be in the same folder as the .bat file.
  2. -a kawpow - specify the algorithm for mining. For the Ravencoin coin, we specified cnr
  3. after long construction -o stratum+tcp:// we indicate the address of the pool.
  4. :4501 - specifying the address of the pool, put a colon and write the port of the pool.
  5. -u RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX - specify the wallet to which mining will go. In this case, it is Ravencoin.
  6. -p x - the p command means a password. On the minermore pool (as well as on 90% of all pools), a password is not required, so we write x
  7. pause Is an optional command. It is only needed so that the program does not immediately close in case of any error, but displays it.

Ready example:

teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX.trmtest -p x