Top 8 Hive OS Features for Profitable Mining in 2021

Top 8 Hive OS Features for Profitable Mining in 2021

Why does a miner need an operating system? The answer is obvious - it greatly simplifies the process of mining cryptocurrencies and helps manage both GPUs and ASICs (regardless of whether you have several miners or a whole farm).

If you are not completely satisfied with the efficiency of your workers, regularly face problems like high temperatures and random restarts, there is a solution: the Hive OS operating system, which has collected the most effective features that will take your mining to the next level:

  • monitoring of hash rate, power consumption, temperature, online / offline statuses of each miner or rig, miner errors, invalid shares, overclocking;
  • quick search, sorting, grouping, filtering, quick start of mining, prepared settings;
  • launch in one / two clicks, mass functions, application of commands simultaneously on thousands of devices;
  • the schedule for changing the settings of mining, wallets, pools, overclocks, the execution of commands on a schedule and that's not all.

Check out its most useful features below.

Hardware overclocking
In short, overclocking is a way of “getting out” of the equipment from the factory settings zone. The result is increased productivity. In addition, overclocking can be used to reduce the power consumption of equipment. Hive OS allows you to create overclocking profiles and thus improve your devices.

With Hive OS, you don't have to constantly monitor the efficiency of your devices - the system is independent in these matters. If one of the devices begins to lag behind the others in terms of efficiency, a watchdog is triggered. The device is restarted and its efficiency is restored.

Temperature control
Hive OS makes it easy to control the temperature of your equipment. Firstly, you will have a single temperature map for all your workers, which will give you a warning if one of the devices approaches a critical point. Secondly, Hive OS is “equipped” with a temperature monitor that will reboot the system or stop mining if the equipment reaches a critical temperature.

And finally, the most important thing. To avoid the aforementioned critical temperatures, Hive OS provides automatic fan control. Thanks to this function, the temperature of your devices will stay within the normal range.

Using the “Scheduler” function, you can create various events: the application of an overclocking profile, the execution of a command, and so on. By selecting the appropriate event and setting the required time and repetition rate, you can partially automate the mining process. For example, it will help if you have a night tariff, or the administrator mines a percentage for himself, or you have devices in common with partners.

RX Boost
Thanks to the RX Boost function, you can achieve maximum speed when mining with memory-intensive algorithms on AMD RX 400/500 graphics cards (Polaris family).

Another way to get more out of your ASIC, increase hashrate and save energy costs is to install our custom Hiveon ASIC firmware. At the moment, it is available for models S17 / S17 Pro, S9 / S9j / S9i, T9 +, in the near future there will be an announcement of firmware for S10 (the list is regularly updated). In the next articles we will tell you more about the firmware, stay in touch!

Hive OS supports the most popular miners. But if the miner you need is still not on this list, you can always integrate the custom miner yourself.

Hive OS makes it easy and simple to monitor your hardware. First, you will have access to energy statistics (both for the farm as a whole and for each individual worker). Secondly, you will be able to track the performance of your workers at different temperatures, algorithms, and so on.

With Hive OS, you will always be aware of what is happening with your equipment. Critical error? Reboot your device? Poor miner performance? You can receive notifications about these and other important events both in Telegram and in Discord.